Quad-Core 64-bit MIPS® Processor with DDR2, GbE, PCI-X®

The BCM1455 device is an MIPS64 processor core-based system-on-achip (SOC) that offers industry-leading performance, high-functional integration, and low-power levels required by next-generation computing, storage, and networking applications.

The BCM1455 is a chip multiprocessor (CMP) system consisting of four Broadcom SB-1 high-performance MIPS64 CPUs, a shared 1-MB L2 cache, a DDR memory controller, and integrated I/O. All major blocks of the processor are connected together via the ZBbus, which is a highspeed, split-transaction multiprocessor bus. The bus implements the standard MESI protocol to ensure coherency between the four CPUs, L2 cache, I/O agents, and memory. Four Gigabit-Ethernet MACs (10/100/1000) enable easy interfacing to LANs or control backplanes.

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  • Four 64-bit MIPS® CPUs, scalable from 800 MHz - 1.2 GHz
  • Fast on-chip multiprocessor bus connects the CPUs, L2 cache, memory controller, and I/O bridges
  • Industry-leading 2.5 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz per CPU performance
  • Low-power dissipation of 19W @ 1 GHz