200 Mbps Intelligent Multi-PHY Switch

BCM60301 supports Broadcom's Xtendnet™ intelligent switching technology which amplifies and re-times signals on the powerline for improved network coverage. BCM60301 is certified compliant with HomePlug® AV and is designed for compliance with the IEEE 1901 standard.

Broadcom's system-on-chip integrated circuits have been created for embedding inside consumer electronics and IT products. They exhibit the industry's highest levels of integration, with all digital, analog and memory circuitry contained in a single low-pin-count package. Each device contains dual MII ports for easy extension to wireless technologies and for efficient interfacing to system processors. Low power operating modes are standard.

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  • Robust, reliable and secure whole-home network coverage
  • Avoids costly new wiring
  • Each additional connected device improves overall network performance
  • Lowest cost powerline enabled products by means of highest integration